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Activities with an Active Toddler with a Toddler’s Fracture

The Injury December brought some extra challenges into our lives. It happened on December 2nd, when Gili took Neil skiing on their second day of the season. Neil was excited about skiing and was keen to go. I wasn’t able … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: How to Travel on the Cheap Side

The most common question we are asked about our travels is: “How do you afford to travel so much?”. Our usual response is that we don’t travel nearly as much as we’d like to…  More seriously, here are some tips … Continue reading

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Goodbye South Korea & Japan: End of Trip Reflection

As 2015 is coming to a close and our trip is nearing its end, I thought it’s time for some reflection. Yesterday, as we were riding around Zamami Island, we stopped for a break at a beautiful view point. Neil … Continue reading

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Vancouver Island: The Quiet Before the Storm

Another year was about to start, and this time we didn’t have plans to travel too far. We are excited about this upcoming year since in less than two months we are expecting a new addition to our little family. … Continue reading

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The “Different Israels” Inside of Israel

Being from Israel is not easy… Everyone has heard something about Israel, and often it’s not the good things. It is probably one of the places that people have the most misconceptions about, prejudices and strong opinions even without knowing … Continue reading

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Amsterdam: “Every Day is a Critical Mass”

In my sweetest dreams I see a city where everyone cycles – everywhere. No matter if you’re old or young, on your way to work or to the pub – you ride. This is what I do in Vancouver, and … Continue reading

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Cycling + Sex Hotels = Big Bang

Lately we developed a serious obsession with one of the most successful TV shows of all times, “The Big Bang Theory”. When people ask me how did we start watching the program, as it is well known that we don’t … Continue reading

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Pipeline Protest: Putting the Rest of Us to Shame

Two weekends ago we went to an anti-pipeline protest in Duncan, on Vancouver Island (there were simultaneous demonstrations all over BC). The demonstration was small, much smaller than it should have been: where were the rest of the 5,000 or … Continue reading

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