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How to Make Bourekas at Home: the Wonders of Phyllo Pastry

Growing up in Israel, trips to the supermarket were often rewarded by some Bourekas: crispy and often still warm flaky pastry triangles, filled with salty cheese and decorated with sesame seeds. At the time, it seemed like the best thing … Continue reading

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The Journey of Cherry on a Bike

We are once again in Granada, Nicaragua, where the idea of Cherry on a Bike first started. When you’re on a trip, especially a cycle tour, your mind often wanders. Although we tried to live in the moment as much as … Continue reading

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The Baking Project: Tales From Our Kitchen

In 2010 I started “the project”. It was in the dark days when I was working on my thesis and was looking for something that would keep me happy. I admit that I was a bit inspired by the movie … Continue reading

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Plums, Plums & More Plums

We always say that my friend Mari knows everyone, and in a way it’s sort of true. So when I mentioned at work how much Gili and I love picking fruit, and that we would be happy to pick some … Continue reading

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What to do with 130 pounds of Cherries?

A few weeks ago we had a crisis. While driving back from the Rockies we stopped at friends in Creston and returned with about 130lbs of intensely purple cherries. Like my sister said, it’s like we drove home with a … Continue reading

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Triple Chocolate Brownie Cookies

I bite into a cookie and think: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. These are the ultimate in chocolate cookies. Their texture is like a moist brownie, but they are shaped like a cookie. The moist dark chocolate loveliness is intertwined with the … Continue reading

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Rolled Up Red Pepper Bread

The smell of roasting peppers is irresistible. I have observed this fact over the past few years, and yet still manage to be amazed by it every time. A person walking into your kitchen while you are busy roasting peppers, … Continue reading

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New Recipes From the Baking Project

New recipes from the Baking Project: 2010 1. Chocolate Croissants: מאפה תפוחים עם קרם וניל ומרנג (אהרוני – ארוחות ערוכות.2.) 3.Chocolate Lemon Tart – Baking 164 4.Lemon Mousse Cheese Cake (give it enough time in the fridge) – baking … Continue reading

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