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Agassiz Farms Cycle Tour: How We Ended Up in Paradise

On Saturday last weekend we joined the Agassiz Farm Cycle Tour, a self guided tour, in which many farms are open to visitors and offer delicious food. The combination of cycling and food can rarely fail, so I knew we were up for … Continue reading

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Dark Beer Onion Soup: Heaven on Earth

Frying onions is the start of so many good recipes. I feel like the smell triggers something in us – any human noses in the area will perk up and come searching for the source of the heavenly smell. Onion … Continue reading

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How to Make Bourekas at Home: the Wonders of Phyllo Pastry

Growing up in Israel, trips to the supermarket were often rewarded by some Bourekas: crispy and often still warm flaky pastry triangles, filled with salty cheese and decorated with sesame seeds. At the time, it seemed like the best thing … Continue reading

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The Journey of Cherry on a Bike

We are once again in Granada,┬áNicaragua, where the idea of Cherry on a Bike first started. When you’re on a trip, especially a cycle tour, your mind often wanders. Although we tried to live in the moment as much as … Continue reading

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How to Make Chocolate Milk, From Scratch

I’m obsessed with chocolate. I guess lots of people say this, but I feel like I’m worse than others. Barely a day goes by without me digging in the cupboard for some dark chocolate, ideally Belgian and 72%. Since I … Continue reading

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Pemberton: Slow Food Bike Ride Goes Even Slower

Slow is good. Why do we need to rush through life? When you move slowly you observe more, experience things differently, and enjoy the moment. This is why I love cycling, because when you ride you move slower. Last Sunday … Continue reading

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Amsterdam: “Every Day is a Critical Mass”

In my sweetest dreams I see a city where everyone cycles – everywhere. No matter if you’re old or young, on your way to work or to the pub – you ride. This is what I do in Vancouver, and … Continue reading

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The Baking Project: Tales From Our Kitchen

In 2010 I started “the project”. It was in the dark days when I was working on my thesis and was looking for something that would keep me happy. I admit that I was a bit inspired by the movie … Continue reading

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Tel Aviv the Bike City

When I was in high school I used to cycle everywhere. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do in Tel Aviv, although this city is actually perfect for cycling: it’s flat, the distances are short, and the climate is convenient. … Continue reading

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Plums, Plums & More Plums

We always say that my friend Mari knows everyone, and in a way it’s sort of true. So when I mentioned at work how much Gili and I love picking fruit, and that we would be happy to pick some … Continue reading

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