Steveston: Along the Arbutus Greenway and the Dike

The ride to Steveston is one of our favourite local rides, but it just got a whole lot better. Now, with the new Arbutus Greenway we can leave our place and to ride all the way to Steveston, 25 km away, almost all on designated bikeways, aside from a short section in Richmond.

Along the Arbutus Greenway

It’s been a while since our last ride there, and so we decided to make it into a day trip, which was also good preparation for our longer cycling trip starting the weekend after.

Gliding on the Greenway 

Neil also enjoyed riding a long section of the Arbutus Greenway. The opening of this Greenway is one of the best things that happened in the city lately, and it definitely improved our summer. With it being only two blocks from our place, Gili would often take Neil to ride his balance bike there, including weekly outings to Granville Island and the water slide, and raspberry and blackberry picking.

Views along the dike

I must have forgotten how beautiful the ride to Steveston is, because I was pretty amazed by the scenery.

In Steveston

Then once in Steveston we of course had lunch at our favourite fish n’ chips place, Pajo’s. We both noticed that the fries were a bit soggy, but now they offer unlimited servings of fries, and the second batch was a whole lot better. A trip to Steveston could not be complete without a visit to the frozen yogurt place, Timothy’s, and a short visit to the fish market to stock up on salmon, it is a fishing village after all.

Fish n’ chips followed by frozen yogurt of course

Neil enjoyed riding in and around Steveston too, but eventually it was time to get into the trailer. We now prefer to go back the same way along the dike and not do the loop through Richmond and since there was still plenty of time we decided to stop at the Terra Nova park on the way back. We had never been there before – it’s a really cool park, and Neil climbed all the way up the big slide, three stories high, over and over again. We were a bit shocked how he managed to do it so easily, showing no fear, but also climbing in a responsible and efficient way.

Leaving the park did not go without a protest so we promised Neil that he’d be able to ride more once we hit the Arbutus Greenway on the way home. We think that our little boy is a little bit obsessed with riding…

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