Quarry Rock: The Trial Hike

Quarry Rock is a nice hike when we want to experiment with our abilities. We first went there with Gili’s dad when I was still recovering from my broken arm injury five years ago. We also went up there when I was about 37 weeks pregnant and I remembered it to be very long and challenging. Then we went there again last year with Neil in the carrier and finally we went there once again a few weeks ago to test Neil’s hiking abilities.


Hiking season is upon us and Neil is getting heavier. We are not sure how far we’ll manage to hike this summer if Gili needs to carry Neil, who weighs over 15 kg at the moment. We figured we’d try to see how far Neil is able to walk by himself. Surprisingly Neil proved that he’s able to walk quite a bit and he almost made it to the top by himself. He was fascinated with the sights along the trail and everything was like a game to him, jumping up and down rocks, running on the bridges and throwing stones into the streams.

It’s busy up there!

Gili carried Neil the last bit and when we arrived we took a quick peek at the views before settling down for our lunch. The way down coincided with Neil’s nap time and he slept all the way through and we made good timing back to Deep Cove. Neil woke up just in time for doughnuts which is one of the main reasons we like this hike so much. We are usually not big fans of doughnuts but those honey dipped doughnuts at Deep Cove are something else.

We found a quiet spot

The only problem with the hike to Quarry Rock is the crowds. I guess a lot of people like this hike for one reason or another. Maybe next time we’ll try to head there mid-week and see if it’s any better, in any case I am sure we’ll be back there for more trials, and doughnuts…

Doughnut time – this is why we came here, right?

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