Agassiz Farms Cycle Tour: How We Ended Up in Paradise


A scenic trail section of the ride

On Saturday last weekend we joined the Agassiz Farm Cycle Tour, a self guided tour, in which many farms are open to visitors and offer delicious food. The combination of cycling and food can rarely fail, so I knew we were up for a treat. I was excited about this ride because Agassiz is an area that we don’t know, and I am always happy to discover a new area by bike.

A couple of years ago we did the Slow Food Ride in Pemberton together with Pascale and Ignacio. I think both Pascale and I were already pregnant back then (although it was probably still a secret, for both of us), so they were the first people that came to my mind when I suggested we’d do the Agassiz bike ride. From four people we became seven (they had twins), so logistics were a bit more complicated, but we still managed to meet up and have a fun bike ride together, with lots of food stops, plays stops, some riding in between and even a surprise free (!) blueberry and raspberry u-pick.

The day started a bit grey, and it even drizzled and we were all wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.

We finally got the courage to start cycling.

Our first stop was an electronic milking station. While the process seems a little bit impersonal, the claim is that it is much better for the cows. Neil enjoyed saying hello to the cows.

The next stop was a cheese farm. Neil enjoyed saying hello to the goats.

There were also lots of cheese samples, as well as yogurt with honey and blueberries.

Feeding two babies, although it seems that Ignacio is eating and Ava is just looking…

While we were waiting for our food the kids found ways to keep themselves busy.

There was a bit of cycling involved too, some of it by the corn fields. By now the weather turned beautiful, a far cry from the gloomy start of the morning.

The community gardens were beautiful, although we didn’t stay there too much since all the babies were sleeping at that point.

Since Neil was still sleeping when we returned to the start/finish point, we decided to cycle to a u-pick farm that we skipped on the way. Nice move Neil, it turned out it was a FREE u-pick of blueberries and raspberries.

Neil knew exactly what to do.

Pascale, Ignacio, Max and Ava joined us later with their car, and Igancio gave Gili a ride to bring our car. Pascale kept the three musketeers busy by the blueberry fields.

It was an awesome ride, with lots of tasty stops, but definitely the highlight was the end. A free u-pick of non-sprayed berries, what else could you ask for – paradise indeed.

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4 Responses to Agassiz Farms Cycle Tour: How We Ended Up in Paradise

  1. What a super trip! Enjoyed this blog post and reading about so many of the adventures you are having. I would love to link your Agasizz ride experience to the Let’sGoBiking blogpost if you would allow?
    ~ Colleen

    • Maya says:

      Thanks Colleen, glad you enjoyed the blog post and our blog in general. You are welcome to link this post to your wonderful blog. Hope you are enjoying the summer!

  2. Peta Kaplan says:

    Mmmm picking fresh blueberries and raspberries, yum yum! So much fun and so nutritious.

    The community garden looks awesome!

  3. Nicole says:

    Wonderful post and adorable heartwarming photos of the toddlers, so curious about everything! Loved reading this one (and all the other posts too).

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