Point Roberts Loop: A Few Hours on the Other Side

Biking arou

Biking around Point Roberts, this time with a trailer

Back in February, three days before Neil was born, Gili cycled around Point Roberts. He came back with an excellent impression and I was a bit sad that I couldn’t join. He promised that we’ll be back there riding as a family of three sooner rather than later. Then as we are getting ready for our trip to South Korea and Japan Gili ordered bicycle tires to be picked up from Point Roberts. Now that the opportunity presented itself we had to go back, so Neil and I could enjoy the ride as well.


Canada behind the fence

So we drove to Tsawwassen and parked the car at Diefenbaker Park, where Neil had his first taste of swinging in a swing, which he seemed to enjoy. Then we crossed the border passing a long lineup of cars and a quick passport check and we were in the US. For the next three hours at least.

Lunch at Lily Point

Lunch at Lily Point Park

Since Gili had done this ride before he was our “tour guide” showing us all the neat spots he had visited on his previous ride. I was surprised how quiet it is and it reminded me a lot of the San Juan Islands. What I like the most about this ride is that you can see beautiful Mt. Baker from almost everywhere. We enjoyed a picnic at Lily Point Park where we had hummus with pita and mangoes. While Gili was eating his mango Neil just grabbed it from him and then wouldn’t let go. I think we discovered his love for mangoes, not a big surprise.

You can see Mt. Baker for everywhere, even from the private beach

You can see Mt. Baker from everywhere, even from the private beach


Neils’ new love for mangoes…

After lunch Neil fell asleep and slept for the rest of the ride. In fact he was still sleeping when we crossed the border back to Canada. We even remembered to pick up the package, but alas the store made a mistake and sent five tires instead of six, so the mission was almost accomplished.

Mission almost accomplished

Mission almost accomplished

When Neil woke up, back at the car (at Diefenbaker Park) he could enjoy the swings one more time as well as the slide for the first time (ever), before heading home for dinner.

Loving the swings

Loving the swings

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