The Tower of Ritter

Tower of Ritter

Tower of Ritter

Early this summer we found ourselves with an astonishing collection of Ritter Sport bars. This wasn’t exactly planned – we had a few bars at home, and when friends visiting Germany offered to bring us some more, we of course took them up on the offer. It turns out Ritter Sport is about a third of the price in Germany, so they got us ten bars, an excellent foundation for our Tower of Ritter.

As you might notice, we have a weakness for the marzipan flavour. If you aren’t familiar with Ritter Sport, I urge you to check them out, you won’t be disappointed. There are many flavours, but the combination of marzipan and dark chocolate is the clear winner (some would disagree).

The difference in price between Germany (under a dollar) and Canada (anywhere from $2.30 to $3) seems like a good business opportunity, anyone interested?

P.S. It turns out we’re not the only people to construct a Tower of Ritter, but clearly our tower was much tastier than theirs…

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