Thank You Letter to Mt. Baker Ski Patrol Team

Dear Mt. Baker Ski Patrol Team,

Three weeks ago, on February 23rd I was injured in the Mt. Baker Ski Area while I was skiing. A snowboarder collided into me at high speed, while I stopped briefly on the side of one of the groomed runs that lead to the area where chairlifts 4, 5 and 6 are. I wasn’t able to get up and I felt extreme pain in my right shoulder. Members of the ski patrol team were by my side within two minutes, checking on me, stabilizing my spine and making sure I’d stay awake as I started to feel very sleepy. The assumption was that I dislocated my shoulder. Since I felt rather sleepy and nauseous, a decision was made to bring a toboggan in order to take me to the first aid room. It took about 20 minutes and during this time a few members of the ski patrol team were by my side. When a snowmobile with the toboggan arrived I was transferred to the toboggan, while they explained what was happening and where they were taking me.

I would really like to thank the ski patrol team that were on the spot for their professional treatment. While being in extreme pain and not knowing what is happening with me, I felt protected and being cared for by people who knew what they were doing and made sure I would get the best first treatment possible in difficult and painful circumstances. Unfortunately I don’t know the names of the guys that were there, except for David, who I think took the lead and was great, but all the others were great as well.

I would also like to update you on my condition. Once I arrived to Mt. Baker aid room the doctor realized that it was probably not a dislocated shoulder. He recommended that we’ll get an x-ray to be on the safe side. We drove back to Vancouver BC, where we live, and went straight away to the hospital. The x-ray showed that I had a complete fracture of the humerus, just below the shoulder. Luckily I don’t need surgery and the injury could have been much worse.

As I am slowly recovering I really wanted to send my appreciation to the Ski Patrol Team. You are doing an amazing job helping people that in less than a second their day (and sometimes their life) changes from being fun to being a nightmare. It doesn’t look like I will be able to ski more this season, but I am looking forward to the next season. Mt. Baker is my favourite ski area and this accident is not going to change it. I hope to see you again, but only while having fun on the slopes or on the chairlifts.


Maya Goldstein

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  1. Nicole says:

    I hope this irresponsible snowboarder ended up in jail…

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