Phelix Hut: Goodbye Lisa and Jules

Our friends Lisa and Julian returned to Austria. Just before they left, they organized a slew of excellent parties. One of the parties involved skiing up to a backcountry hut belonging to the outdoor club (VOC) and spending a weekend there. Maya and I stayed for three days with some of the others. It was a great combination of beautiful sun, blue skies and excellent snow.

Here are a few photos:

On the way up to the hut, James looking cool (and colour coordinated!)

In the afternoon we broke out into the alpine and it got chilly. Anne apparently measured -22c, and it wasn’t even dark yet. No wonder Maya’s hair froze.

Frozen hair

In the evening we had a bit of a party in the hut. Lots of chocolate in different forms was involved. I carried up a cheesecake that Maya made.

Ignacio. Perhaps he's excited about all the chocolate...

On the second day we went for some skiing – heading towards Peregrine

On the ridge, heading to Peregrine

View of Shadowfax

Almost at our run of the day: Return of the King

The hut supposedly sleeps 24, but we had 31 and it still didn’t feel that cramped. Depends on one’s standards I guess. Regardless, it’s a very nice hut.

Phelix, also known as the Brian Waddington Hut

We managed to fit in a bit of skiing on the third day too, before heading back down to the cars and the long drive back to Vancouver (over 3 hours)

James on the bottom part of Return of the King

More photos

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