Pebble Creek Hot Springs: and Mushroom Picking Too

Devastation in Capricorn Creek

On the way in we stopped to admire the devastation of the Capricorn Creek drainage by a huge slide (2nd biggest in recorded Canadian history) a few months ago. The section of road through the slide debris consists of a deep a trench cut through these mounds of mud and broken trees.

We spent hours and hours of sitting in the hot springs. They were so hot that we couldn’t use the upper pool and had to add cold water from the river all the time. The location is very impressive, right on the side of a raging river.

On Sat evening it rained like crazy, and we watched the river go up. We had dinner under a tarp not far from the pools, and returned for another dip and dessert – chocolate fondue in the water (it was hot enough to melt the chocolate).

Soaking for hours, how relaxing

In the morning, after 30mm or so had fallen, we went in for another soak, and could barely even make it to the pools because the river was so high.

When we arrived to the trail head on the way in, we had to drive through a creek. Maya, in her infinite womanly wisdom suggested that we drive back through the creek and park on the other side, in case we couldn’t cross on Sunday. The men decided it would be ok. When we got back to our car, we noticed a bulldozer working on the crossing. We convinced him to make us a temporary crossing platform, and made sure to get a commitment from him to pull us out if need be. Indeed, we got stuck on the unstable rock bed, and were pulled out by a pickup truck that had just pulled over.

We were stuck, but not for long

On the way back there were a few other sections that had been damaged over night, some with water going across the road. It seems that this area is very unstable now, and that the road will require frequent fixing efforts.

The next day we met up with friends for some mushroom picking near Squamish.

Len, displaying the proper eating technique

We picked mostly Chanterelles, and had a full box after a few hours.

Our chanterelles

More photos

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