Webb and MacDonald: Two Mountains in One Gorgeous Weekend

Sunset from the Campsite

Two weekends ago we drove out to Chilliwack Lake campground and starting hiking along the trail to Radium Lake. The trail follows Chilliwack River for about 2km, and then heads uphill along Radium Creek. There are annoying km signs on the trees which made the trail drag on. We had lunch somewhere in the trees and arrived to the nondescript Radium Lake, which seemed a bit swampy. There were two teenagers there, probably boy scouts, one of them wielding a long machete. We filled up about 3 liters each here, since we weren’t sure we’d be able to find water higher up. We continued uphill, finally breaking out of the trees and into blueberry heaven, where we took a much needed berry break. We continued up to the saddle between Webb and MacDonald, where we set up camp with nice views of the Cascades. During dinner we enjoyed the bright orange sunset.

Taking a nap

The next day we woke up early, and headed straight up Mt. Webb in the soft sunrise light. We cooked breakfast on the summit and admired great views of Mt. Baker, Rexford, Slesse and many others. I find it best to be on a peak early or late in the day, when the light is soft, and the views are clear, and my favorite time is that golden hour after the sunrise and before the sunset.

Good views

Some of us napped, some meditated, and we headed back down to the col, and up the other side towards MacDonald. We followed a small trail onto the ridge, and then scrambled solid rock to the summit.

The actual summit boulder had a nest of awful insects. Once again great views, and a Rittersport marzipan break, and back down to camp. After lunch we headed down, and it was a long slog through the trees which took forever. We stopped at Radium Lake for a refreshing but boggy swim.

More photos

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